Countering Polymorphic Threats in Cybersecurity           

New Approaches to Protect Infrastructure

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Keeping up with dynamic threats from innovative hackers is crippling many of today’s cybersecurity attacks. These hackers deploy sleepers, hijack machine learning algorithms, and mimic authorized user patters, leaving organizations significantly vulnerable.

This webinar will explain the new pathways hackers are using to overcome defenses and how traditional approaches are on a path to failure.  It will also show cutting-edge methods for thwarting these pathways by leveraging a more advanced approach to combining a modern SIEM with UEBA.


Watch this webinar and learn:

  • How the nature of threats has evolved and why today’s standard protection approaches are failing
  • The latest techniques hackers are using to overwhelm these approaches
  • Why a new approach is needed and the possibilities it represents
  • The benefits of Cloudera integration and an open source platform

Recorded:  February 26, 2019 [11 am PST]


Chris Berry

Director of Cybersecurity Analytics,
System Soft Technologies